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Crystal infused candles

Crystals & Kits

Divine Collection

Crystal Zodiac Candles



Lux of Aurora products are made in sacred ritual, hand poured with love.

It is my deepest desire that the strength of the ritualistic manner in which each product is created can assist you on your journey. Open you up to your own sacred space and assist you to awaken the true self within, restore your faith and rise into the divine light.



"The energy that radiates from these candles is magnifying, I'm in love with candles" - Casy

"The I am healed candle is magical. I light my candle and feel so much love surrounding my room. I feel safe, secure and I know ill be okay." - Lauren

"From the moment I started using my candle I felt an immediate sense of calmness, grounding and empowerment within myself. This was exactly what I’m needing at this time in my life. Thank you Lux of Aurora." - Nicole

"From the packaging and presentation of the boxes to the mesmerising soothing energy I feel from the candles the entire process is an experience in itself! Will certainly be back for more!" - Mel

"I brought a cleansing/ritual kit & I am balanced candle because I'd been feeling extremely down with lockdown. My entire attitude has shifted, I'm more grounded and at peace with my emotions." - Jacinta

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